Cantor on diversity, tolerance and religion.

The rapid push back on Bachmann from McCain, Rollins, Boehner and others this week – which might’ve been left unopposed for a long time in 2010/11 – might suggest that some promising things are slowly beginning to happen on the right. A stronger moderate conservative bloc is good for everybody.

Tea Party Troop Leader going all soft and diverse.

And even if all of this is just talk and hot air – it’s a clear change of tone from Eric Cantor:

“I think an even bigger issue than that, from a cultural standpoint, is the acceptance of diversity. And the acceptance of diversity of opinion,” Cantor said, explaining that while he may have is own personal opinions on morality or religion, “at some point we’re all here as Americans and we all have to be appreciative of other people’s views.”

(..) “And it’s that tolerance, I think that that tolerance is something that enables people to be passionate about their positions. And if you’re for gay marriage, this country allows you to express your views. Some states support it and allow it, and others don’t. But its ok to have that difference of opinion in that,” he said.

(..) “I’ve always said we need to be a party of inclusion not exclusion,” Cantor said. “We need to be promoting tolerance and, you know, as someone who is a religious minority, I sort of grew up with having that mindset, knowing full well that I am in a very distinct way from a religious background, separate and apart from the mainstream of this country.”

But we’ll see.


6 thoughts on “Cantor on diversity, tolerance and religion.

    • Who knows why his cues have changed for the moment – but – maybe they really went too far last summer, and lost some of their clout.
      But if that’s enough to start seeing some co-operation and results, nah. Not yet.

    • ..and you can tell.. it’s not his own language.. he’s been memorizing phrases.
      Probably after looking at demographics and the electorate..

    • Oh yes, it’s a long way to go. And his role and behavior last summer was at times extreme. And who knows where this talk is coming from.

      But as a possible sign of something starting to change, we’ll keep an eye on it. His caucus in the House has been very far from productive for their own (and their donors) agenda.

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