Quote of the Day

Regarding Romney’s planned “cocaine” attacks on Obama:

“W-T-F,” one top Democrat emailed BuzzFeed. “This is insane. Do they even know what they’re doing anymore?”

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8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. This is all 2008 stuff, and where did all this bomb throwing get them? McCain & Palin went down in flames fast, and the same thing is going to happen to Romney. You have to wonder if his own advisers want him to get his ass handed to him this November.

  2. Yea, you could wonder – if they’re just scrambling.
    This will not play well for Romney.
    So let’s get back to his Bain record, his taxes, his health reform, his likability.
    Or his foreign policy. Or his Bushonomics.
    Have a go at it.

  3. Because there ARE people who WILL vote for the ‘rich guy’ behaving badly
    NO MATTER what….

    I can’t understand why a middle class person would vote for a guy who’d INCREASE their taxes, go after their benefits and lay them off their jobs just so he and his buddies would pay LESS to NO Taxes!

    WTF do you clap for somebody offering you crumbs?

    It’s gotta be something else?

    Maybe the water?

    Oh, I got it!

    Obama’s suntan!…….

    • Hehe lol yeah… I’m often referring to “What’s the matter with Kansas”… for a brilliant take on people voting against their economic interests.
      Or indirectly; the reach of the noise machine – diverting with social issues.
      But there are some percentages there..in the tan.. surely….

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