Cuomo at 73% approval.

These are crazy numbers – but New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo is starting to look like a rare political talent, effectively pushing through a center/progressive agenda with support from both sides, even raising taxes on high income brackets while keeping folks happy. And working very methodically with both legislature, local politicians and public opinion.

I got this.

From Quinnipiac:

A new Quinnipiac poll finds New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) with a staggering 73% to 16% approval rating, an all-time high.

Perhaps even more striking, Cuomo holds a 69% to 19% approval rate among Republicans.

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6 thoughts on “Cuomo at 73% approval.

  1. Wow! I wonder what the difference might be between his approach and the President’s (considering that sadly Obama’s approval rating is nowhere near that high). Is it just that New York is more open to a center/progressive agenda?

    • Very good question.. NY is the birthplace of progressivism with Teddy Roosevelt, Al Smith and FDR – and a very blue state, so the traditions run deep.
      Cuomo seems to be more of a strategic AND an operative – whereas Obama has little “do’er” in him – he’ll rather just do some talking and go home. And he won’t pick up the big ball in front of him.

      But would Cuomo work/get support on a national scale? Hard to say. The next four years will tell.

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