On the Bookshelves.

We’ve done a little batch of summer updates on the current political and economic books during the last couple of weeks – and here’s the message:

2012 – a bleak picture.

  • It’s the Middle Class, Stupid (Carville & Greenberg): We’ve failed. The Middle Class is broken.
  • Our Divided Political Heart (E. J. Dionne): Polarization, Extremism and drift from the founding principles and values.
  • Twilight of the Elites (MSNBC Chris Hayes): Meritocracy is lost.
  • End the Depression Now! (Paul Krugman): Unemployment ruins lives. We are actually in a Depression.
  • It’s Even Worse Than It Looks (Mann & Ornstein): Congress is defunct, politics is tribal, most of the blame lies with the GOP.
  • The Betrayal of the American Dream (Barlett & Steele): Social mobility is gone, the Dream is an Illusion, the Middle Class is systematically ravaged.

So now we’re reading this:

It’s been fixed before.

For some inspiration.


2 thoughts on “On the Bookshelves.

    • Thanks Doug, and agreed. E.J. was my favorite too – he writes so well and makes a great case for getting back to the roots.
      Krugman was a good second – with his sense of humor and a more practical “fix it” approach. And out to add pressure to the political process.

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