Mayor Bloomberg pushing Gun Control.

Mike Bloomberg has been pushing this issue for quite some time now – and here’s a recent column with practical advice for how to fight the NRA lobby one step at a time. Learning from GOP Senator Tom Colburn’s fight with Grover Norquist:

Adding pressure for Gun Control.

How to Break the NRA’s Grip on Politics

And today Bloomberg promotes a column from the far-right wordsmith Frank Luntz, who sort of makes the point that NRA members and gun owners do support gun control – but leaving it open if he’s really attacking or defending the NRA agenda.

But anyways, he talks positively about gun control, in theory. And he’s not absolutist on anti-regulation of guns. Which is a start.

The truth is that gun owners, including significant majorities of NRA members, prize public safety and national security. They think gun rights should be balanced with measures to protect America’s citizens and communities. They think those who abuse gun laws should be punished to the maximum extent of the law.

Full column here.


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