Obama Campaign slams Ryan Budget.

That was fast.


4 thoughts on “Obama Campaign slams Ryan Budget.

    • Yep good point. And it was just down to three options, and it’s a “cheap” ad with some old clips and a voice-over.

      But I’ve been really impressed by the Obama campaign this summer, being aggressive, on point, on message and coherent. It might be Plouffe at work, or some other guy. But either way – they’re relentless and not missing a beat. Well done.

      • I’ve been surprised too by the agressive nature. It looks more and more like they are taking a few pages from the GOP playbook… and they aren’t handling it very well are they ? 🙂

        I do think Obama needs to tout his record more on the economy and educate people more on the health care reform.

      • Yes, and I think Obama probably never will be able do to just that. He’s no FDR vs. Wall Street, and he’s not a natural when it comes to selling things. It seems like he does the framework fix pretty well – but then the selling points, the topping, not his thing it appears.

        And yep, they’re borrowing the old GOP style attack and discipline, and they’re doing it very well. But as some point out, things are so different now compared to just some decades ago. Once GOP was facts and pragamatism, and liberals dreamers. Now Dems are plain facts and center-right almost, while GOP is theory over track record and empirical evidence.
        Because of corruption and far off donor agendas, one might add.

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