Romney Campaign denounces Ryan Budget.

Two hours was what it took – to collapse the whole point of bringing in Paul Ryan.

Nah, don’t support it really.

From Buzzfeed:

Mitt Romney may have picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, but according to his campaign, he’s not taking the Wisconsin congressman’s budget along for the ride.

Romney spokesperson Sarah Pompei said that Ryan will be “putting together his own plan” to cut the deficit and balance the budget, and will not embrace his running mate’s agenda outright.

Read more here.


15 thoughts on “Romney Campaign denounces Ryan Budget.

  1. So, Ryan’s there as window dressing for the Tea Party — as long he doesn’t *actually* bring any of his ideas in with him. Boy, I’m so scared of Romney…he’s going to be suuuch a conservative President if he wins…yep.

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