The Next Congress.

While the odds for the WH are pretty stable at 70% win for Democrats, and possibly growing after the Ryan pick – the Congress is more of a tossup:

GOP House, Tossup Senate.

The House looks decided with 229 solid or leaning Republican, majority is at 218.

The Senate is close with 47 solid/leaning Dems and 46 solid/leaning Republican. The seven tossup states are Maine, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, Virginia and Wisconsin.

The most media-friendly races might be Maine after the resignation of Olympia Snowe and a three-way race, the big battle in Massachusetts with Scott Brown vs. Elizabeth Warren, Virginia after Jim Webb, and Wisconsin as the home state of Paul Ryan and Gov. Scott Walker.

In short: Most likely another deadlocked Congress with no super-majority in the Senate.

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