Senate Forecast update: Leaning Dem.

After Tea Party Rep. Todd Akin’s statements about “legitimate rape” last night – the Missouri Senate Race tips to leaning Dems, raising the total tally to 48 solid/lean Dems for US Senate – and six tossups.

I misspoke. And probably gave away the Senate.

From Nate Silver:

No two controversies are alike, and we’ll have to wait for polling data to see what impact this has on the race. But based on some loose historical precedents, the remarks could be enough to swing the polls to Ms. McCaskill.

Also – this ties VP Candidate Paul Ryan (and Romney) into the loop, piling on to a long period of hard right using women issues as a wedge and antagonizing the female vote.

Probably moving the focus away from Medicare back onto social issues – and very far away from jobs and the economy.

And once again – unlimited private money pulls the right far too far to the right – messing up things with fringe candidates and losing any chance of real productive influence.

10 thoughts on “Senate Forecast update: Leaning Dem.

    • And I don’t think he’ll quit.. the deadline is tomorrow.. and the Koch’s got his back, most likely…..

      It’s O’Donnell & Angle all over….

      • I’m actually flabbergasted at how many mistakes the Republicans are making right now. I think they’ve started to believe their own propaganda, and that’s dangerous!

      • Exactly! The donors fund some lunetics – and suddenly they lose control. Akin isn’t backing down or going away. And thus creates damage to all races across the nation.

        And Ryan is tied closely to this guy. This reckless toying with wedge issues backfires big time these days…

    • Oh yes.. but he’s helping the center and moderates even more if he stays.. Showing the true face of these guys. Bringing out the vote against him nation wide.

      And The Dark Ages – in some ways it’s the utopia of the Tea Party… Private money ruling everything, the masses suppressed, people scared with religion and a ban on scientific thought and education. And revisionism beyond recognition.

    • He’s probably just there to contest everything – thereby establishing the “fact” of contested science. Making a mess of everything. It’s a disgrace.

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