Not a good week for Romney.

FP brings a letter from a Foreign Service Officer commenting on Romney’s statements:

Thank you for your posting (and links) on Governor Romney’s response to the death of Ambassador Stevens. I did not know him, but I am surrounded here at State by people who did, and I can tell you that this is a building filled with shock and grief.

President Obama and Secretary Clinton each made statements that were appropriate, both to the public and to the Foreign Service. And it was important to us that our president came to the department to be with us yesterday and to offer comfort. Tomorrow afternoon, see how many people go to Andrews to welcome Ambassador Stevens home.

I felt physically ill when I first heard Governor Romney’s remarks, and incredulous that he repeated them later. It appeared to me that the death of Foreign Service Officers was to him nothing more than an opportunity to score cheap political points. And this man wants to be our leader?

Full story..


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