Nov. Forecast Update.

The swing states are steadily shifting towards the Democratic Vote —

updated numbers from Nate Silver are: 76% chance of Obama win, with 308 electors.

More numbers..


8 thoughts on “Nov. Forecast Update.

    • Hey Mashed!
      Yeah – they’ll peddle it.. but Romney will bungle it.. over and over. Just saw btw. that the last debate is about Foreign Policy with Bob Schieffer. 90 minutes of pain for Romney…
      And he lost a LOT of support this week, from the middle. The segment he really needs.

      • Hmmm.. foreign policy as the last debate. Interesting. I cannot see Romney performing anywhere near well in that area and that will essentially be the last broad public appearance for him before the elections. It will be the last thing many independents and undecided voters will see of him.
        Suffice it to say, that will leave a very bad taste in their mouth as they head to the polls.

      • Yes exactly. Very bad last impression.
        And also,
        it’s a bit…. surprising choice. Firstly because it will heavily skew the field towards Obama in the closing argument, as probably with any incumbent president,
        but more than that,
        it’s not really the most important topic these days.. Top of the list should be the budget, economic trends like inequality and the development of social classes, how to deal with structural unemployment, both now and long term,
        building competitive educational systems, some grand national projects maybe,
        and on the side – the overreaching problem with unlimited money in politics, and the urgent need for campaign finance reform (not a natural debate topic though).
        FP would belong more like in the second debate maybe,
        and then have the last one on jobs & economy..

  1. Hoping hoping hoping! Fingers crossed! I’m feeling a little anxious, as I remember people being equally optimistic about the results of the Wisconsin recall, and we saw what happened then. But dammit, it does look like Obama has a good chance of winning….

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