The 47% speak out

David Frum shares some reactions from people:

  • I was in the Army. Sorry for taking everyone’s money.
  • I started working at 13 for $1.25 per hour in 1971, retired USAF 22 yrs. had a stroke in 08, on disability now, am I a taker? Fu
  • My dad worked hard for 52 years ,6:00am to 6:00pm+, 5-6 days a week, he took S.S for 2yrs. Was he a Parasite? #47percent
  • After working hard for 43 years I am collecting ss and on Medicare. No maker. Now taker. Question: Am I a parasite? #47percent
  • Husband deployed in war zone (5x’s n 10 yrs). No taxes. Guess we’re in the Taker category. Who knew.
  • My Mom qualified for public assistance while working thru the winter of ’73 to help six children after “Dad” went AWOL. #taker?
  • I’m getting my Masters and living off of federal student loans
  • My father went on unemployment after losing his job of 19 years. It helped him pay the bills while he looked for work.

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