Amid debt crisis, Paul Ryan sat on the sidelines

It’s hard to know what kind of approach Joe Biden will take for the one (and only) VP debate… but the Ryan Budget is a trove of very radical ideology.. and then there is also Ryan’s record in Congress.. and his part in denying any kind of mixed package to fix the deficit both short and long term.. 

Amid debt crisis, Paul Ryan sat on the sidelines:

According to his pal Kevin McCarthy, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is “the thinker” of the GOP, the fiscal visionary with the plan to lead America out of debt and into the promised land of balanced budgets.

“Paul is knowledge,” said McCarthy (Calif.), the No. 3 Republican in the House leadership.

But knowledge is not action. Over the past two years, as others labored to bring Democrats and Republicans together to tackle the nation’s $16 trillion debt, Ryan sat on the sidelines, glumly predicting their efforts were doomed to fail because they strayed too far from his own low-tax, small-government vision.

As a member of an independent debt commission in 2010, Ryan voted against a bipartisan plan to cut borrowing by $4 trillion over the next decade by raising taxes as well as cutting spending. Through much of 2011, he insisted publicly that a “grand bargain” on the budget was impossible, even as House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) pursued a deal with President Obama. And Ryan asked Boehner not to name him to the congressional “supercommittee” that took a final stab at bipartisan compromise last fall.

(..) Still, few observers think the coming election will give either party undisputed control in Washington. Sen. Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine), a moderate who is retiring this year after a long career of deal making, said Ryan’s uncompromising approach has simply postponed the inevitable and wasted valuable time.

“You put the country in a holding pattern during very tumultuous times when we’re dealing with some of the most consequential economic issues since the Great Depression,” Snowe said. “We’ve been fighting from the last election to the next election. We’ve never stopped. That’s what to me doesn’t make any sense.”

(Via Post Politics: Breaking Politics News, Political Analysis & More – The Washington Post)


3 thoughts on “Amid debt crisis, Paul Ryan sat on the sidelines

  1. Ryan is no more than a spoiled cry baby! —-The only way CONS can win elections is by rigging the rules at the ballot box!—Since 1980 congressional pay has increased by 400% ! My pay increases have been 0%. —- What is wrong with America is that too few make way too much $—-Example Rush & Sean $ 60,000,000 income per yr. for spewing mouthcrap about the President. —While being basicly WORTHLESS! If cutting taxes on the job creators is supposed to be good! WHY DO WE HAVE THE WORST ECONOMY IN MY MEMORYAFTER 10 YRS> OF DUBYAS TAX CUTS<?

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