The concept of game-changers from the Debates….

Lots of folks are trying to lower the expectations before the debates starting Wednesday.. and many say they seldom matter.. but..

Romney is pretty consistent and unique in lowering his own approval every time he opens his mouth.. 

And Obama is said to be personally antagonized by Romney, probably giving the little pressure and edge to his attacks and line of arguments..

The Monkey Cage has this take:

The Right Perspective on Debates:


Gwen Ifill:

Gallup polls going back decades show precious little shift in established voter trends before and after debates.

Chris Cillizza:

…there are relatively few examples of times in which the general election presidential debates fundamentally altered the course of a race.

Miranda Green:

Presidential debates rarely have much effect on election outcomes.

It’s nice to see these, rather than hype about the debates as “game-changers.”  Maybe political science is “killing the campaign narrative” after all?

(Via The Monkey Cage)


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