The devastatingly bad candidacy of Todd Akin

After the last deadline for dropping out of the race has passed.. Akin followed up with some personal comments about McCaskill following the first debate.. calling her not “ladylike”… and re-inforcing some of the stereotypes already attached to him…

And this candidate can potentially drag down both Romney and other Senate races with him in November..

Here’s from Wapo’s Chris Cillizza:



The devastatingly bad candidacy of Todd Akin — and how it could cost Republicans the Senate

Missouri Rep. Todd Akin’s latest assertion that Sen. Claire McCaskill (D) had acted more “ladylike” in her 2006 Senate campaign than in their 2012 race affirmed a very simple fact: Akin is just not a very good candidate.

But to simply say that Akin is bad in some ways sells him short — or long — when it comes to the broader impact that his candidacy is having on his party’s hopes of re-taking the Senate majority in November.

Until Akin uttered the words “legitimate rape” shortly after winning his party’s Senate nomination last month, most political handicappers — including us — expected that he would beat McCaskill.

“The outcome in Missouri was a near certainty before Todd Akin’s comment,” said one senior Republican Senate strategist. “McCaskill was going to lose. Now, she is likely to win.”

After all, McCaskill had won the seat in 2006 by less than 50,000 votes in one of the best Democratic years in modern memory. And in the intervening six years, McCaskill emerged as one of the most prominent backers of President Obama — not exactly a popular figure in the Show Me State these days — and weathered a brutal run of bad press over a private airplane owned by her and her husband.

Of course, all of that is out the window now that Akin has turned the race into a referendum on his own views in things like “legitimate rape” and the term “ladylike.

(Via the Fix..)


2 thoughts on “The devastatingly bad candidacy of Todd Akin

  1. The GOPer’s WILL NOT obtain a majority in the Senate …
    The rightwingnuts are now flocking to Akin’s defense to try to salvage their brand…
    But that brand is slowly running out of people….

    • Yes exactly.. it’s an early start.. of digging a grave for 2016.. it’s logical..but very unhelpful… for a normal and healthy political environment..

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