Paul Ryan Asked for Tax Math, Offers Gibberish — Daily Intel

Ryan is being hammered from all sides now – about his budget, his math, his tax models, and about the specifics… which is a good thing… as there’s no more soft balls.. he’s in the big league now… not in committee or with his books….  

Paul Ryan Asked for Tax Math, Offers Gibberish — Daily Intel:

Paul Ryan Asked for Tax Math, Offers Gibberish

I would continue my tabulations, but unfortunately, I have run out of thumbs. Next question?

This last weekend, Paul Ryan repeatedly dodged questions about the mathematical impossibility of the tax plan he and Mitt Romney are running on, and then, having burned through seven repeated questions and two minutes of dodging, insisted he couldn’t answer because the math would take too long. Today Bloomberg News spoke to Ryan and promised he could have all the time he wanted to get into the math. Guess what? He still didn’t.

Rather than try to reconcile his irreconcilable promises, Ryan dissembled his way through another interview. To briefly review, the Tax Policy Center showed that people earning more than $250,000 a year would have to get a big tax cut from the Romney plan. The revenue lost from the income tax rate cuts they propose exceeds the available revenue from reducing deductions:

Ryan insisted the study has been discredited, which it hasn’t. The only reason he cited as to why it’s discredited is that “It doesn’t even assume economic growth.”….



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