A Campaign Without a Plan

Rightwing pundit Ross Douthat joins the convervative chorus admitting that Romney’s one-note strategy on slamming a bad economy seems to have failed…

And guess what…. after GOPs three and a half years of outspoken political sabotage…. to hurt the economy…. and block the recovery…. it turns out that many voters blame THEM for the slow recovery.. and not Obama.

So much for all the wasted opportunities in the last few years….and for all the unnecessary delay and suffering for millions… 

And these things could potentially hurt the GOP for a very long time….. even generations…

A Campaign Without a Plan – NYTimes.com:

A Campaign Without a Plan

Yesterday, Mitt Romney finally stopped dodging a question he’d evaded for months, and stated that if elected president, he wouldn’t undo the visas for younger illegal immigrants that President Obama made available by executive fiat earlier this year. It’s a repositioning that’s likely to be swallowed up by the coverage of tomorrow night’s debate, but it’s worth pausing over because of how perfectly it crystallizes the strategic ineffectiveness of the Romney campaign.

Immigration is an issue where Republican politicians are often urged to move to “the center” — that is, adopt a pro-amnesty position — in order to win over Hispanic voters alienated by anti-immigration rhetoric. At the same time, it’s an issue where the more conservative, restrictionist position is often shared by a different bloc of swing voters: The kind of working class whites whose support Romney has been struggling (and struggling, and struggling) to win. There are potential political benefits, in other words, to branding yourself as the candidate of compassion toward illegal immigrants, as George W. Bush persistently did. But then again there are also potential benefits — sometimes greater ones, in my view — to taking a more restrictionist position and using the issue to portray the Democrats as beholden to their party’s ethnic interest groups and out of step with blue collar Americans’ concerns.

(..) Running a presidential campaign and selling a consistent message isn’t easy, obviously. But neither is it nearly as difficult as the Romney campaign has made it seem. You pick some issues that play well with your base, pick some issues where you want to move to the center, write a script with these choices in mind and do your best to stick to it. Of course events intervene and the script sometimes has to be rewritten. But on immigration, health care and indeed just about every topic worth mentioning, the Romney camp apparently decided that the weakness of the economy meant that they didn’t need a clear script at all, and that they could get by with evasions and improvisations instead. On the evidence of current polling, they were wrong.



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