Obama campaign’s response to the new mendacious Mitt: Facts

Obama quickly hits back in seven key swing states after the first debate last night, and Romney might have a growing problem on his hands – after starting out with claims like “I’m not going to cut taxes”…

There are more rounds coming up before the finals on November 6th…. 

Obama campaign’s response to the new mendacious Mitt: Facts – The Plum Line – The Washington Post:

Obama campaign’s response to the new mendacious Mitt: Facts

The Obama campaign is already going up with a new ad in the seven key swing states hitting Mitt Romney for misleading people about his tax plan last night. The spot is a first glimpse into how the Obama campaign will adapt to the Romney we saw at the debate, after the President got caught badly flat-footed in his crosshairs:

 The ad’s approach is straightforward: It corrects Romney’s obfuscations with facts. It shows Romney claiming his plan won’t cut taxes by $5 trillion, then points out that the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found that it would, in fact, cost $4.8 trillion over 10 years.

“Why won’t Romney level with us about his tax plan, which gives the wealthy huge new tax breaks?” a narrator asks. “Because according to experts, he’d have to raise taxes on the middle class — or increase the deficit — to pay for it. If we can’t trust him here…how could we ever trust him here?” During that last line, you see Mitt on the debate stage, and then a shot of the Oval Office. (…)



3 thoughts on “Obama campaign’s response to the new mendacious Mitt: Facts

  1. So, during the debate, Obama shits the bed, now they are having the ads do the talking for him. I did not watch it, but from what I’ve read, Obama should have pounced on Romney. Bill Clinton would have.

    • Yep. He did horrendous. It was very painful.

      And whining about facts – the day after – meh…. but it might work. Who knows in this ad-bombing age… where debates could merely be fodder for the next negative raid.. funded by anonymous money..
      It’s not very pretty….

  2. Don….
    He went into his Professor mode and clearly
    DID NOT WANT to be there on stage….

    It was NOT OBama’s finest hour and a half….

    That said…..

    For the last 24 hours the progressive media have been ALL over Mitt Romney and his made up facts…

    As has happened in the past….

    OUR President seems to have a knack for messing up and coming out fine…..

    I’m gonna wait for the polls to see IF there was any damage…..

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