Obama Not Pleased with Debate Performance

One thing about the 47% stuff.. the third and last debate will be held in the exact same city where these Romney statements were made in the first place back in May.. which is sort of hard to walk away from…. and could put it into the center once more with all the questions about his real integrity and honest political beliefs..


Obama Not Pleased with Debate Performance:

A person close to the debate-prep process told Politico that President Obama was “supposed to have been more aggressive within the confines of civility, but opted for a more passive approach that missed ‘many, many opportunities’ – including the glaring failure to mention Romney’s infamous ’47 percent’ comments…”

“…Even as strategists downplayed the likely electoral impact of the debate, one Democrat close to Chicago conceded that Obama ‘was not happy with his performance.'”

Said the source: “Don’t expect to see that Barack Obama again.”

(Via Pwire.)


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