Obama Campaigns In The Rain, A Long Way From 2008

As an afterthought from the debate this week.. is the remembrance of all the big disappointments in 09/10 when Obama was more exposed to confrontation and conflict.. and he didn’t handle that very well at all. In fact, it was a plain disaster in many cases.. And this recurring whiff of helplessnes and a shrug of the shoulder comes back too.. his surrender of “tweet your senator”.. that was bad.

And more of this might emerge in the next two debates.. if the contrast between “weak” and “strong” continues.. he might lose this.

The piece below is not promising in that regard.. it’s not “I’ll crush Romney and put America back to work. I’ll fix this and make America great again”. It’s “I’m helpless..” and “you’ve got to do this..”..

Obama Campaigns In The Rain, A Long Way From 2008:

Obama Campaigns In The Rain, A Long Way From 2008

Posted: 10/05/2012 5:27 pm EDT Updated: 10/05/2012 5:44 pm EDT

CLEVELAND –- President Barack Obama stood under a driving rain here on Friday afternoon, a black trench coat draped over his lanky frame, and looked out at the thousands of supporters, ticking off his accomplishments.

He mentioned health care reform, ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, increasing fuel efficiency standards, and infrastructure investments.

“You made this happen,” Obama told the crowd of an estimated 9,000 people on the football field at Cleveland State University. “But if that progress is going to continue, you’ve got to step up,” Obama added.

It was an odd thing to say to people who had been standing in what was often a downpour for as long as four hours, many of whom were drenched to the bone and shivering. And the president seemed to realize the potential for his remark to come across as insensitive. (…)



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