In foreign policy speech, Romney will encourage military spending, Syria intervention

This could sound like Romney might be losing some support very quickly again.. more wars in the Middle East is probably not a huge vote winner among moderates in the swing states.. And huge Tax Cuts and new wars could also reinforce the impression of “More Bush” in a Romney Presidency. 


In foreign policy speech, Romney will encourage military spending, Syria intervention:

By NBC’s Garrett Haake

 PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – In a major foreign policy speech Monday Mitt Romney will attempt to portray himself as a leader firmly in the peace-through-strength tradition of Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan, while casting President Barack Obama as an ineffective leader on a dangerous and constantly-evolving world stage.

Romney will deliver a 30-minute address, titled “The Mantle of Leadership,” later Monday at the Virginia Military Institute, his 10th address on the topic of foreign policy since summer 2011.

The former Massachusetts governor’s speech, like the others before it, will focus on a vision of peace through strength. It will include new details on how Romney would address current global hotspots and repeat regular stump speech staples – such as the importance of averting planned defense cuts, expanding and reinvesting in the U.S. military and working closely with allies abroad, especially Israel.


Democrats fired back preemptively at that characterization.

“Mainstream foreign policy isn’t what Mitt Romney is putting forward: having plans to start wars but not end them; wanting to keep 30,000 U.S. troops in Iraq indefinitely; exploding our defense spending to levels the Pentagon has not asked for, with no way to pay for it; insulting our allies and partners around the world on the campaign trail; and calling Russia our number-one geopolitical foe,” Obama campaign spokesperson Lis Smith said in a statement Sunday. “If that’s where Mitt Romney thinks the mainstream is, he needs to find a better compass.” (…)

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6 thoughts on “In foreign policy speech, Romney will encourage military spending, Syria intervention

    • Yes he is. But this is probably very good news.
      And it seems extremely tone deaf to make a big aggressive speech about wars right now. Especially when he managed to get the “second look” thing after the debate.

      He usually doesn’t disappoint in messing things up on the spot…

  1. I read the transcript of Mitt’s remarks, and found it very amusing that for all his bluster about “strength” and “resolve”, all he is really proposing in regard to Iran is a tightening of the sanctions, and a more gradual withdrawal from Afghanistan. Even Mitt knows that more military conflict is unpopular right now. Just shows the practical realities behind all that conservative grandstanding.

    • Good point. Maybe he’s just talking to the donors and the defense industry.. And it’s a fine balance these few days – to milk the debate-bounce, without stepping in it again, as he usually does.. I have faith he’ll mess up badly once or twice very soon before the elections. His positions and policies are far off and very narrow 1% stuff – even if he’s good at taking down the president face to face.

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