“Debates don’t matter” – usually.

The now-cast of Nate Silver has dropped Obama from a 95% chance of win to a 55% chance of win.


Maybe Obama was too much exposed as a conflict avoider in the first debate – and maybe the onslaught against Romney’s character this summer backfired. 


9 thoughts on ““Debates don’t matter” – usually.

    • he,he,yeah…. just preparing for the worst here 🙂

      And I think he has great support from Michelle – that could carry him for four more years, making up for the rough parts of it.

      He’s just unpredictable at times.. but he probably has a better agenda the next time.. not playing defense as a clear favorite..

  1. Just finishing reading the post you wrote back in 2010. You make a lot of good points, and I might add, how some people in Congress both Ds & Rs said that when Obama was a Senator, he seemed to be on the lazy side, and introduced very few bills. And I do agree with you, that at times he looks lazy, bored, and has that look of packing up bags, and move back to Chicago.

    • That’s true, I remember those words about his Senator term. Something about him being restless and not suited for repetitive congress work too.

      And that list was written after his first year – very frustrated and disappointed at the time.. his lack of movement and drive. But everything just went quiet after the Midterms and the sequestering deal.

      And the thought of moving back to Chicago is very likely a sweet dream for him on tough days and in boring meetings.

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