Nate seems to have gotten 50 states right

Big data is here to stay – just like in Moneyball.

Congrats Nate!!


Harry Enten: “The result was a big victory for many number analysts. I wrote Tuesday about the polling aggregates circling around 303-332 electoral votes for Obama, with Florida being the closest state. Florida ended up being the tightest state. All the polling based aggregates – from FiveThirtyEight, to HuffPollster, to Real Clear Politics – got the result right. Given Obama’s narrow Florida lead (at time of writing), it seems that both FiveThirtyEight and HuffPollster went 50 states for 50 states.”

“It should not be forgotten, however, that the only way the polling aggregators are able to call elections is because of pollsters.”

Polling Averages Got it Right


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