More collapse in the House GOP

These are harsh words from Republican NY Rep. Peter King..

And chances are, that before March the fringe/koch’s caucus in the House have no friends left. The Debt Ceiling fight might end with overwhelming bipartisan support in Congress after the model from this week.

Which means the power might have started to shift back to the moderates and pragmatic center – where it belongs.


Peter King is shown here. | AP Photo

King said his colleagues ‘put a knife in the back of New Yorkers and New Jerseyans.’ | AP Photo


New York Republican Rep. Peter King went to war with his Republican colleagues on Wednesday after leaders spiked a Hurricane Sandy relief bill, calling on New Yorkers to stop all donations to GOP House members.

“These Republicans have no problem finding New York when they’re out raising millions of dollars,” King said on Fox News. “They’re in New York all the time filling their pockets with money from New Yorkers. I’m saying right now, anyone from New York or New Jersey who contributes one penny to congressional Republicans is out of their minds. Because what they did last night was put a knife in the back of New Yorkers and New Jerseyans. It was an absolute disgrace.”

5 thoughts on “More collapse in the House GOP

    • What’s interesting by the way is the language he’s using – calling himself MORE conservative than many House Republicans, but telling the party to go screw itself.

      And one could hope that this the beginning of the end of the thoroughly corrupted GOP, not with the likes of Charlie Crist who convert to Independents or Democrats, or Joe Scarborough’s rants, but strong Conservatives who stand up to the donor doctrines.

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