LBJ Book 4.

Just started the fourth book about Lyndon Johnson by Robert Caro – and the writing is probably unparalleled. Caro is his own league.


2 thoughts on “LBJ Book 4.

    • In some ways – I’m sure he does!

      He makes a very strong case though, in the first fifty pages, as to why LBJ had an enormous motive to get rid of JFK.. He never quite spells it out (not yet), but the tensions between the two (and vs. the WH), the obsessive presidential ambition of LBJ, and LBJ’s track record of using all means possible (legal and illegal) for one sole purpose; expanding his power – it more than hints at some stuff.

      And this trend started in the third book. Not sure where he’s going with this.

      He also lauds LBJ as a rare genius in the art of aggregating power. He (LBJ) had a lot of experience of course, by the time he controlled the WH.
      But I think Caro is right – that some folks have very sharp instincts for these things, which makes them a bit scary…

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