Is Washington Getting Less Dysfunctional…

First two bipartisan economic bills in the House, and now the Immigration Reform..

A big part of this might be the loss in November, and Repubs being kept out of power. But also, they don’t have to/can’t “get rid of” Obama anymore.


From Molly Ball, The Atlantic:

From immigration reform to the debt ceiling, there are rampant signs the Capitol isn’t the gridlocked mess to which we’ve become accustomed.


Don’t look now, but things are actually getting done in Washington, D.C.

Witness the last month: We didn’t go over the fiscal cliff. We averted (at least for the moment) a debt-ceiling standoff. On Monday, Congress passed, with barely any drama, aid for victims of Hurricane Sandy. And the bipartisan push for comprehensive immigration reform seems to be going awfully well.

Could Washington really be getting less dysfunctional? Are we seeing an abatement of the constant rancor and gridlock that have so defined Congress in recent years? And if we were, would we even know what it looked like?

Is Washington Getting Less Dysfunctional


5 thoughts on “Is Washington Getting Less Dysfunctional…

  1. mac – when Rubio goes on Limbaugh to give him a face saving way to seguee off his vile anti-immigrant rants, that signals to me that there’s an effort underway in the GOP to reign in what Frum called the “conservative entertainment complex” by whilch of course he meant FOX and talk radio. For my money (and Elvis agrees), that ‘complex’ has been a primary mover of the dysfunction. They’ve been transmitters of misinformation and demonized compromise and empowered the angry and fearful.

    So let us hope some small changes are on the horizon.

  2. Well, I’m not idealistic enough to believe in a sudden change of heart…it’s the pain of losing the election combined with a healthy fear of the general public and losing future elections which is causing the cooperation. I guess politicians are like my dog–they have to be guided by the promise of a treat or the threat of a swat on the butt 😉

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