Christie Struggles with the Politics of Fat

He should just lose some weight.. starting today. This thing will be putting big question marks on his ability to run the country.. in addition to all the health risks..

And his heavy breathing on the Sandy Relief Bill press conference, attacking the House Repubs, that was really bad..


New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) “took to Dave Letterman’s couch, donut in hand, on Monday night, joining one of his chief late night tormenters for some jokes at his own expense,” Politico reports.

“The calculation was clear – try to turn the potential negative into a positive, a strategy used by many a politician, including Al Gore during his 2000 presidential campaign.”

“But Gore’s problematic trait was stiffness, not size. And by Wednesday, Christie had undercut his own strategy, saying a former White House doctor who expressed fears that his weight could be life-ending if he were president ‘should shut up‘ since she hasn’t examined him and doesn’t know his medical history.”itq6PBfhGZo


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