Language Discipline collapsing…

Repubs used to be very careful about the choice of words, used to be very disciplined in staying on crafted message.

And now you have a Republican Senator using phrases like “Party of the Rich” and “We’ll never win” about themselves..


From Pwire:

“The Democrats’ story is the Republicans are the party of the rich, the Democrats are the party of everybody else. And if that’s the narrative people believe, we’ll never win another national election.”


2 thoughts on “Language Discipline collapsing…

  1. Sounds like some Republicans are actually waking up about the way their message comes across and are trying to rethink it. Won’t be holding my breath, but this could be a positive development.

    • Yep, agreed. They’ve been running the errands for a few narrow donors way too long… time to wake up. But it really sticks though, small bumperstickers like that.

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