Gingrich Says GOP Suffers From an Echo Chamber

This hindsight stuff is a bit boggling… one would tend to think that all the misinformation from parts of the Repubs is just plain but concious deception to get votes – all means allowed kind of thinking. But maybe many actually couldn’t tell the difference.


From Pwire:

Newt Gingrich spoke to Steve Kornacki about why Republicans felt so confident they were going to win last year’s presidential election:

“I think conservatives in general got in the habit of talking to themselves. I think that they in a sense got isolated into their own little world. So our pollsters, many of whom were wrong about turnout. No Republican pollster thought you could get 87 percent turnout in Milwaukee. You just sort of have to say that to some extent the degree to which we believed that the other side was kidding themselves, it turned out in fact in the real world – this is a part of what makes politics so fascinating – it turned out in the real world we were kidding ourselves.”


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