Only Republicans Think They’re Scandals

As partly expected – all this drumming only makes the Repubs lose the middle, which is exactly what they don’t need.

From Pwire:

Greg Sargent digs into the latest polling and finds that in the case of the IRS and Benghazi stories, “the lurid and nefarious view of Obama’s involvement in them being peddled by the right is held only by Republicans — big majorities of them — while most moderates and independents, i.e. the middle of the country, believe the White House’s arguments.”

Paul Brandus: “One reason Republicans are so obsessed with exploiting these ‘scandals’ is because the one issue that Americans truly care about — jobs and the economy — is getting better.”

(Via Pwire.)


4 thoughts on “Only Republicans Think They’re Scandals

  1. There definetly is a lot of hate speech coming from the right. The problem is much if it seeps into the views of others. Looking at polls of how many people believed that Obama was a foreign born muslim, proves that if you tell a big enough lie, over and over again, people begin to believe

    • Yes indeed. Simple brainwashing techniques. Which some have done on economic issues for decades, and still get away with it.

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