Snowden’s Fate Is Up to Russia, Ecuador Says

Maybe Moscow wasn’t such a great idea…..


From NyTimes:

PORTOVIEJO, Ecuador — President Rafael Correa said Sunday that while there were weighty arguments for granting asylum to the fugitive American intelligence leaker Edward J. Snowden, it was up to Russia to decide what happens to him.

But with Russian officials maintaining that Mr. Snowden is not their problem, the president’s remarks added to a growing sense that Mr. Snowden is stuck in geopolitical limbo in a Moscow airport, where he has apparently been since he flew there from Hong Kong on June 23. Mr. Snowden, who is wanted in the United States on charges of breaking espionage laws, has applied for asylum in Ecuador, but Mr. Correa said that his government could not begin to consider the request until Mr. Snowden reached Ecuador or one of its embassies.

Mr. Snowden’s American passport has been revoked; without it, he would appear to be unable either to pass through Russian immigration control or to travel on to another country.

4 thoughts on “Snowden’s Fate Is Up to Russia, Ecuador Says

  1. Well, you know how I feel about this one…hahaha. I appreciate some of the info about NSA spying that we learned from Mr. Snowden, but the fact that he decided Russia was the place to go *shakes head*

    Now he might end up like that Tom Hanks character, spending the next few years living at an airport 😉

    • Yes indeed. He might stay there for some years. Putin’s jokes about giving him asylum on the condidition that he does nothing “to harm Putin’s partner the U.S.” is sort of very funny and great comedy, but very bad news for Edward.

      And I just read his statement just from wikileaks – what a naïve and silly boy….

      And I never watched “The Terminal” – but now I will 🙂

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