More Republicans Favor Paul Over Christie

Important to remember.. Christie is not a Repubs fringe favorite.. especially after all the chumminess with President Obama..


A new Pew Research survey sheds some light on the fighting between Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) over civil liberties: Paul is seen favorably by 55% of Republican voters, compared to 47% who have a positive view of Christie.


5 thoughts on “More Republicans Favor Paul Over Christie

    • Very true, and this one was very close too… maybe the take-away is this; they are splitting the party on core issues which is a huge problem for the Repubs..

    • Yeps… but I’m wondering if not Paul has a better timing than his dad… both as the wars are older and more far away.. and as the Repubs are more donor-managed than ever… not representing normal people at all any more…

    • Btw I’m copying your commenting style with italics on top completely and shamelessly!!!! But it works great and looks nice I think 😀

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