Does Cory Booker Really Want to Go to Washington?

There might be a lot to this.. Booker is a great guy for doing things… an operative… and the slowness and diplomacy of the Senate could drive him nuts..


Jay Newton-Small says Cory Booker would have been better off running for governor than dealing with a gridlocked Congress.

"Booker’s claim to fame is the ancient art of retail politics, with a very modern social media twist. Snowed in during a blizzard? Just tweet him and he’ll come dig you out. (Maybe personally.) Pothole? Let him know; he’ll send a crew. Booker might even come and rescue you from a burning house… Senators don’t fix potholes.
Never mind flaming buildings-they rarely even kiss babies… Assuming Booker wins today and prevails against a weak GOP field in the October 16 special election, his prize will be a backbench seat in a hated institution where he’ll be expected to dim his wattage, at least in the short term. It’s almost enough to make a burning house sound like fun. But for now, it seems, Booker will have to settle for it."


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