Can a Republican Win 270 Electoral Votes in 2016…or Ever? – The Daily Beast

This question pretty much sums up the status quo for the US Presidential Elections in the near future… Dems start at 246 electoral votes by "default".. and Obama won 332 – 206 against Romney.. and even without Florida, Ohio and Virginia… Obama still would’ve won..

Can a Paul, Rubio, Christie or Jeb Bush get to 270? If so, how??


As a conservative here is what I know: The GOP’s 2016 presidential nominee will be more conservative than ever, and have a heck of a time winning the Electoral College.

Recently, I attended a political event where about 400 conservative Republicans gathered to hear an impressive parade of conservative congressman, governors, and senators.

As I was chatting with a man in his mid-30s, the conversation turned to the 2016 presidential race. When I asked him who he was supporting as the Republican nominee, his answer was Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. Then I was prompted to ask the question I ask every Republican after they tell me their preferred candidate: “Do you think Rand Paul can win 270 electoral votes?” The man immediately replied, “I never thought about that.”


6 thoughts on “Can a Republican Win 270 Electoral Votes in 2016…or Ever? – The Daily Beast

  1. I keep asking that question also. Todays Republicans are not those I worked with in the 70’s and early 80’s. They only care about their little concern, and do not care about the overall effort. Until Republicans learn once again that they must give a little to get something they will not have a viable presidential candidate. It is going to take a Giant of a name to win with out some give and take.

    • That is so true. And I really respect and value moderate conservatism – but the Republican Party has drifted so far away now. And then there is this demographic shock coming, which is a difficult thing on so many levels. America is becoming something it has never been before – with a white minority. The biggest minority – but still a minority.

    • Exactly. The whites are not enough anymore – but Rubio has been badly damaged by the immigration drive lately which is largely mission impossible for him. Jeb Bush might pull a huge latino vote too, but according to the chatter he is just at a 20-30% yes for a run for President.

  2. This is why the Republicans are trying to come up with ways to manipulate the electoral process itself–everything from suppressing the vote to changing the way the electoral college functions. Things could get very ugly if they continue going down this path.

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