Obama Set for Limited Strike on Syria as British Vote No – NYTimes.com

This is crazy.. Obama now seems to plan a war (there is no such thing as a “limited strike”) with no support from neither allies nor the U.N…. because he set a “red line” and feels he can’t walk it back..

The brits have it right.. stay out of it.. this will be another huge mess for years.. worse things then the chemical attacks are bound to happen.. and it alters the relations to Russia.. Iran.. China..

If this goes through.. Obama’s foreign policy is more confusing and incoherent then ever..

But let’s see.. he could send a proposal to Congress.. to ensure that nothing happens.. let’s hope….


WASHINGTON — President Obama is prepared to move ahead with a limited military strike on Syria, administration officials said Thursday, despite a stinging rejection of such action by America’s stalwart ally Britain and mounting questions from Congress.

The negative vote in Britain’s Parliament was a heavy blow to Prime Minister David Cameron, who had pledged his support to Mr. Obama and called on lawmakers to endorse Britain’s involvement in a brief operation to punish the government of President Bashar al-Assad for apparently launching a deadly chemical weapons attack last week that killed hundreds.


13 thoughts on “Obama Set for Limited Strike on Syria as British Vote No – NYTimes.com

  1. Yes, yes, yes. I am absolutely terrified by this happening. It would be one thing if this only remained limited to a brief bombing of Syria, but this will likely spin out of control. Not worth it–please, Obama, make the right decision.

    • Yeps.. some bombs won’t change a thing or stop Assad. Only create retaliation and, terror. Which is the natural answer to unilateral acts of war against a sovereign country without any international support or mandate.

    • Yep.. there ARE many sides to this.. and often things could be down to calculating relative risk for this or that way to move forward.. but for my two cents.. this is NOT a close call.
      Just stay out.

  2. there have been thousand killed by gas attacks……

    SOMTHING SHOULD be done so that attacks do NOT continue…..

    We as hunams, should NOT just close our eyes to this…..

    If not America….
    Or the Brit’s …
    Does the world just watch in silence?

    • As we’ve been through on your site James.. I do respect the line of thinking but do not share it at all.
      Yes we should look away as this is a civil war and interfering probably just makes it worse, not better. And feeling horrible while turning a blind eye.
      There are a LOT worse atrocities and suffering taking place all the time.

      Also remember that the blockage of anything being done to stop this is the behavior of Russia and China in the UN. The responsibility and blame lies in their votes in the Security Council.

  3. The tide is turning today mac…..

    The President will probably get an ok from Congress…

    The media is going into the overall effect of the conflict….Something I have been asking about….

    The Congress is going to give Obama a goal to aim for….
    I am surprised they are jumping behind him so fast….
    Bringing them in to save his butt WAS good politics

    In the end the vote WILL be about the President and American Power….
    It always is…..

    And they get the back …..

    • Yeah I was very surprised that even Cantor was on board already. I’m still very skeptical/against this though – I think it IS mission creep and that things will escalate and drag out and there’s no possible exit without humiliation.

      But.. the weapon folks want some new orders!! Let’s bomb!!

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