John Kerry to Democrats: ‘Munich moment’ –

This is complete nonsense.. this has NOTHING to do with the history of the 1930’s in Europe… just to mention a few factual points.. what Kerry is referencing to is the time when a fascist and declared expansionist Nazi Germany had already occupied Austria and chewed off parts of Czechoslovakia.. and Europe failed to act..

It has NO resemblance to Syria today.. a far off civil war in the Middle East.. these statements are dumb and embarrassing.. with Kerry losing lots of respect and credibility..

John Kerry is shown. | AP Photo

Secretary of State John Kerry told House Democrats that the United States faced a “Munich moment” in deciding whether to respond to the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government.

In a 70-minute conference call on Monday afternoon, Kerry derided Syrian President Bashar Assad as a “two-bit dictator” who will “continue to act with impunity,” and he urged lawmakers to back President Barack Obama’s plan for “limited, narrow” strikes against the Assad regime, Democratic sources on the call said.


15 thoughts on “John Kerry to Democrats: ‘Munich moment’ –

  1. I think Kerry was trying to refer to the Israeli’s in his comment….

    One of the selling points is that going after Syria will help the Israeli’s….

    You can’t get too crazy with specific words here….

    The guys job is to sell something and it looks like he’s gonna get the sale in the Senate…..

    The House is another story….
    But I expect a sale their also…..
    Less of a margin on the price in the House though…

    • Ok then I understand better..
      But I still find the comment dismissive and provocative. A counter argument is one thing, but what you wrote is very different. And I’m saying this just because I think it’s fully unintentional on your part.

    • Yes indeed…. there are other interests here pushing parts of the agenda..
      Which makes me even more of a NO to bombing… as the Iran/Israel thing is not something that needs more agression imo… better to find more peaceful resolution to the problems…

  2. Kerry lost credibility with me with all his talk about how many “moderates” there are in the Syrian resistance. Even if there were a sizable group of moderates there, let’s see how long they stay alive after the Assad regime falls. This is just going to turn into another Egypt-style mess, we need to stay away!

    • Oh yes that’s a better parallel…

      And just watching Susan Rice making the argument based upon her emotional response as a parent watching children die – that is not how you conduct foreign policy.

      It will be interesting watching Obama tomorrow. I’ll be listening from this perspective; that he indeed thinks something has to be done about Syria, also with force, but that he does not want to be the one giving the order. Thus making the case but hoping Congress says no – and the burden is shifted to others.

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