U.S. government shuts down as healthcare deadlock persists | Reuters

And so it happened.. bad timing.. and very bad symbolics for America.. as a fading and dysfunctional superpower..

And this also opens up the possibility or likelyhood for a default later on..



(Reuters) – Up to one million federal workers were thrown temporarily out of work on Tuesday as the U.S. government partially shut down for the first time in 17 years in a standoff between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans over healthcare reforms.

The stalemate closed museums and national parks and slowed everything from trade negotiations to medical research, while sparking new questions about the ability of a deeply divided Congress to perform its most basic functions.

However, the standoff did not prevent the Obama administration from rolling out enrollment in health insurance marketplaces, the centerpiece of the most ambitious U.S. social program in five decades.


24 thoughts on “U.S. government shuts down as healthcare deadlock persists | Reuters

  1. I don’t know about Rich people….

    But Certainly people who would like to undo the US Presidential Elections of 2008 /2012….

    Really this isn’t about Healtrhcare which is movingt ahead under government funding….

    This a political move to shore up GOPer’s for the 2014 elections in the House where they will be under pressure from even MORE rightwingnuts…..

    The shame is this could go on for a while….
    And Federal and other peoiple are getting their pay docked while their reps in DC STILL get paid….


    Don’tcha love it?

    • Yeah.. but I suddenly felt the deeper unease from 2011.. this is damaging America.. the economy..
      Inflicting real pain..
      And also I don’t think it’ll work.. or be “productive”.. for fascists trying to rule the country with money..
      It seems like a new era in America now.. and I dread it….
      It’s just not good..

    • Yeah…. “new” and “era” as in decades… after the war until 1980/Reagan…. three decades from there… and then now from 2010 more or less..
      It’s saddening…

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