E.J. Dionne Jr.: America shifts left – The Washington Post

Good news!


The center of gravity in American politics moved left in Tuesday’s off-year elections.

Republicans took a big step back from the tea party. An ebullient progressive was elected mayor of New York City. And a Democrat was elected governor of Virginia after campaigning unapologetically as a supporter of gun control and a liberal on social issues.

The one bright spot for Republicans, Chris Christie’s landslide reelection in New Jersey, was won precisely because Christie ran briskly away from the party’s right wing and developed a civil relationship with President Obama. His victory speech spoke of the need for politicians to go to places where they might be “uncomfortable” — exactly where the tea party does not want to go.


4 thoughts on “E.J. Dionne Jr.: America shifts left – The Washington Post

    • Thanks!
      And actually – I’m staying here longer and loving it.. I’ll probably stay in Florence until March, getting fluent in italian 🙂 And feeding my soul as your niece very nicely phrased it.
      And, making new friends both local italians and international folks.
      Bella vita!!!!!

    • Thanks!!
      And yep I will 🙂 I’m following the Dog every day still – and will probably be posting and commenting a bit more now that I’m settled in with all the practical stuff here.
      There’s a LOT of interesting stuff here in terms of political history too btw., the Medici family, rivalry among the families and biggest city states, diplomacy with ROME and the church in the 15th century, all of Machiavelli’s teachings and so on..
      A great city..!

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