Game Over for Obama?

This is a bit harsh… but it might be some truth to it.. and it raises questions about other main initiatives too.. like growing jobs..

Dana Millbank: "There may well be enough time to salvage Obamacare. But on the broader question of whether Obama can rebuild an effective presidency after this debacle, it’s starting to look as if it may be game over."

"The record for recent second-term presidents is not good: Reagan had Iran-contra, Clinton had impeachment and Bush had Katrina and Iraq. Once a president suffers a blow such as Obama is now suffering with his health-care law — in which the public not only disapproves of a president’s actions but starts to take a negative view of him personally — it is difficult to recover."


13 thoughts on “Game Over for Obama?

  1. The Game Ain’t Over…..
    This is just another bump in the road…
    As a matter of fact I believe the Healthcare ‘Thing’ has probabaly peaked….
    Oh, at the end of the month it’ll jump back up a bit….
    The Law is running….
    And in reality there is little if anything anyone can do to stop it….
    Time will mnake it better…..

    The politics took overin the media….

    • Maybe..
      I’m not sure though.. a part of this is the loss of faith in his detached style..often it seemed to work.. but here it created an unnecessary mess.

  2. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty depressed about the way Obama’s presidency is going lately. I think mainly because I really needed Obamacare to work, and it’s not easy to watch it crash and burn. I agree that the website will probably improve and that the ACA will start running more smoothly, but in the long term, will Obama be remembered for the disaster of the ACA’s first few months? That is not a happy thought for progressives like me.

    • Exactly.
      In some ways he’s always been avoiding taking direct action and responsibility for anything, mostly staying behind, adjusting to a changing landscape, leaning on the excuses that pressures are higher in this or that direction.
      And now the first real big issue where he’s directly in front or “in charge”, it’s a complete mess and mind boggling failure from an operational perspective.

      But one might add that it’s a common ting among top executives to avoid touching things and rather blame and fire some subordinates, but it’s never an effective or a good way of running things.
      So… it sort of affirms his biggest weakness in my opinion, a lack of experience and perhaps a lack of talent for actually doing things.
      Even if the campaigns were so beautifully run by Plouffe & Co.

      So still mulling this thing and thinking out loud,
      I feel that the confidence in his ability to accomplish anything on some scale in the next three years in a time of severe political (and to a lesser degree economical) crisis, that confidence is pretty flat at don’t think so. He might just be waiting to leave the WH in 2016… and at some level he probably knows very well that he’s not fully qualified in some areas, and that (rightly so) it’s probably better not to try too much to avoid doing the inevitable rookie mistakes at the scale that comes with the Presidency.

      • Yeah, the thought that Obama’s executive abilities might not be so great–as opposed to his ability to inspire with speeches–is a sad and disappointing one to me. The only way he might still get anything accomplished in the next few years is if the Democrats win both houses of Congress, or if the Republicans decide it’s in their interest to get something done, either of which is a long shot.

        On the other hand, you are correct that at least Obama’s decisions don’t give me a chill of terror the way W’s did…so there’s always a silver lining…or a gray lining…or something.

    • Thanks!
      He tends to land on his feet though..
      But any big wins from here.. probably not..
      But then again.. no bush-like disasters either.. like two useless wars and a financial crash…

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