The second coming of Obamacare website – will it work? | Reuters

Let’s see.. at least the front should be flawless..

(Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s healthcare law is facing its biggest test this weekend since its disastrous October 1 launch, as Americans find out whether the administration has met a self-imposed deadline to fix its insurance shopping website.

Another major outage of glitch-ridden could spell more political trouble for the president, who was forced to apologize for the botched rollout and admit burdening Democratic Party allies in their bids for re-election to Congress in 2014.

If the website does not work on Saturday’s deadline, that could turn off millions of uninsured Americans, especially young and healthy consumers whose participation in the new insurance exchanges are critical for keeping costs in check.


2 thoughts on “The second coming of Obamacare website – will it work? | Reuters

  1. While I feel that todays “deadline” is very important for President Obama and his Administration, I don’t think it spells disaster. Was the initial rollout an EPIC fail, absolutely; however, there are too many uninsured Americans that need and want insurance for it not to be given a few more opportunities to work. With that being said, heads should roll if for whatever reason it’s not fixed by today.

    • Fully agreed on all points. And once the website works normally the whole thing might be forgotten pretty quickly. Even if some trust has been damaged.

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