Tea Party: Boehner ‘declared war’ | TheHill

This looks like very good news.. and as the budget deal passed the House 332-94.. the oil-funded tea party seems to be losing influence..


Tea Party Patriots said Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) has “declared war on the Tea Party” with his “smug and pretentious rant” against certain right-wing organizations.

The group made the charge in a fundraising email to supporters, seeking to win donations over the public feuding.

In the past two days, Boehner has repeatedly attacked the conservative groups that championed the October effort to defund ObamaCare and are now opposed to the recent budget deal negotiated by Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) and Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.).

He has criticized the groups for being more interested in raising money than actually solving problems.

The letter quotes Boehner’s statement that “outside groups” were “using our members and … the American people for their own goals.”


6 thoughts on “Tea Party: Boehner ‘declared war’ | TheHill

    • Yep, and I’m wondering if this angle that the groups are using politics to make money directly was the last drop. Not just buying influence and amendments, but sucking out money by imposing dysfunctional strategies.

  1. The Tea Party types may have lost this one but they will STILL be around come primary time next year….

    Ryan is already warning about the Debt Ceiling…
    So we’ll have to wait to see if the Speakers sticks to his guns….

    • Yes indeed. But this thing passed way faster and broader than anticipated.. Chances are midterms 2014 will be a bit different then 2010.
      might be better for the Repubs perhaps. They’ve lost a few in the Senate the last rounds, unnecessarily…

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