4 reasons our political dysfunction isn’t going to end soon – The Week

I think we might have been putting too much emphasis on the damage of private money into politics here.. as a source of corruption.. as there are other major trends driving the dysfunction too..
Taegan Goddard breaks it down..


Four trends over the last generation have combined to make effective governing nearly impossible.

1. Few congressional districts are competitive. Technology was once seen as the savior of our democracy because it would allow for better communication between citizens and their representatives in Congress. In theory, lawmakers could instantly gauge the views of voters and accurately represent them in the legislative process. Instead, technology has allowed for very sophisticated gerrymandering of congressional districts to the point where there are just a handful of districts that can truly be considered competitive anymore. Many lawmakers have no incentive to compromise with the other party. In fact, being seen as bipartisan often opens these politicians up to fierce primary challenges.

2. Political parties are much weaker.
Campaign finance reform once promised the end of big money influence in politics.[..]


7 thoughts on “4 reasons our political dysfunction isn’t going to end soon – The Week

    • I thought the same 🙂 Not the most optimistic and positive start for the new year, but it’s more about accepting it and adjusting!

      How’s your writing going btw?

      • It’s going pretty well, I’ve obviously been posting blogs fairly frequently. Things haven’t turned out as I once thought they would–I always imagined I’d be a fiction writer. But I gotta say, there are too many real-life things that just fascinate me way too much right now :p

        • Ok sounds great!
          I’m partly asking as I’ve just started up doing some short stories here, greatly inspired by the beauty of this city and the people. It’s great fun 🙂 Some years ago I wrote half a book (or a screenplay really, following a how-to recipe), and then burned it 🙂 Now it’s a new start!!!

          • Ooooh, how cool, especially when you’ve given up on it once before. Well, if you ever decide to post your fiction somewhere, let me know, I would like to read it 🙂

    • Thank you!! I’m a bit excited about this. I do it very lightly though, just a short short session every day, then let it be. Just to get the habits in place and learn the craft of it.
      And to elaborate about the last time, it wasn’t about giving up, it was more like being very happy with the process and thinking I really want to continue doing this sometime in the future. And now’s a good time I think 😀

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