Woman Died After Christie Aides Snarled Traffic

Not the best start of 2014 for Chris Christie.. and it puts his refreshing style in a bit different light from now..


"Emergency responders were delayed in attending to four medical situations – including one in which a 91-year-old woman lay unconscious – due to traffic gridlock caused by unannounced closures of access lanes to the George Washington Bridge, according to the head of the borough’s EMS department," the Bergen Record reports.

"The woman later died, borough records show."


31 thoughts on “Woman Died After Christie Aides Snarled Traffic

      • I’m watching it now – an hour later. He is indeed one deft pol. I do wish he’s stop using hte word ‘mistakes’ referring to what ‘his staff did’. That stuff is many things – one thing it is NOT is a mistake.

  1. I agree the guy IS good…..
    By the end of the presser he was relaxed it seemed….
    Later at Fort Lee he seems tired …..
    First Civil Suit has been filed….

    I agree with everyone…
    This WILL drag on as the media chases every angle down the rabbit hole….

    But as long as HE doesn’t get caught KNOWING what went on and approving it …He’ll stand a diminished chance in the GOP 2016 Sweepstakes…..

    He ain’t just a Jersey Boy anymore, eh?

    • I just watched the Maddow angle to this, suggesting that there was some bigger ploy around Supreme Court Justices and the leader of the Democrats in Jersey.

      It makes sense though – that there’s another story here, and it IS strange that Christie has “no interest” in asking or understanding as the WHY this happened. How could he NOT be interested in getting to the bottom of this.

  2. Although I should say that I get a little frustrated with Obama’s softness sometimes and feel that a politician should be a bit of an asshole…

    But maybe not this much of an asshole.

    • Yes.. exactly.
      And I thought some of the same yesterday.. Obama might be passive and avoiding the tough issues and conflict sometimes…
      But at least there’s never stuff like this with him..

      And in addition to the who and the why I’m wondering – how was this supposed to go unnoticed or un-investigated? It wasn’t the most discreet form of retribution they could choose..

  3. as usual….

    everything is ok no matter how screwed up/dirty it may be until?

    it’s NOT ok….

    and on the front pages of the newspapers and on the 6PM National News….

    • A problem for Christie might be that this is a great media story.. it has very nice legs..
      And this week will be interesting.. and at some point the WHY has to be explained..

      And with just a few days of reflection.. even if this story doesn’t kill Christie.. it is kind of proof that more damning stuff will surface in the coming three years.. probably derailing his candidacy…

      And curbing the money too maybe.. he’s a risky bet already…

    • I’ve got the feeling that these things, and more to come, will dog him constantly in the coming years.. and his efforts to campaign for 2016 might be disturbed a lot…

      And his address yesterday.. props for going head on in the opening.. but after that.. not very inspiring or fun..

  4. ok….
    the HUD probe is now just a normal audit…
    this will be a long term thing yea…..
    but absent a smoking gun he’ll survive….

    the question is how does Christie get along with NJ Dem’s?
    that has been his mealticket for governing…..
    does Democratic voters hold this Bridge-Gates against him?

    • Very good points.

      And another reflection is this; if he ordered or at least consented to this stuff in September already being running for 2016, doling out petty retributions, what stuff will he be doing moving forward as his reach and power keeps growing..
      it IS a character issue this whole bridge thing.. and the snubs and enemies will only multiply on the road ahead of him…

  5. I wrote today…..

    This a nip and tuck on Christie’s 2016 expected run….
    Nothing more….

    And while his poll numbers stay high….
    His numbers AGAINST Hillary ARE dropping….

    This IS the National Democratic Goal, No Doubt…..
    Bridge-Gates get let out right after Christie started to BEAT Hillary in the polling….

    • Who knows.. I sort of think this was rolling by itself though.. but maybe it gained momentum as he becomes a stronger contender..
      But how big is this thing really.. it could forgotten/forgiven or just accepted maybe.. and cutting some heads does work.. in terms of showing resolve and moving on..

    • And maybe there is some want for an aggressive Presidency after Obama! Once you start throwing your power around there will always be come collateral damage.. and maybe the problem here is the ends and not the means..
      It could seem too unproportional and petty-personal..
      But then again, communicating clearly by actions IS very appealing to lots of folks..

    • Yep jim 🙂
      Listening to a New Yorker podcast yesterday they called it a “Mickey Mouse” scandal. Easy to understand and not THAT big a deal compared to other things.
      I’d say give it some time.. it’ll cost him a few points but I’m not sure how many.

    • It seems to pile on.. true that..

      And like she said (I think).. “no one would’ve believed me before”… now everyone with some past encounters with Christie can step forward..
      It also made his Florida trip a bit.. not optimal…

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