Double Down

double-downThis is a great book so far (first 50 pages), giving us a lot of insight into the Obama Administration and explaining what really happened at some important junctures in Obama’s first term. Details from his relationships with Bill Clinton and Joe Biden are also very interesting.

And a fun snippet in the book is this; right after the Democratic Party lost two important Congressional special elections in 2011, James Carville suggested that they should “Fire somebody. No – fire a lot of people”. Obama then gathered a big meeting and said among other things this:

Carville says that I should fire you all, but I’m not gonna fire you, Obama said. Everyone around this table is here because I want you here. This is the team I believe in. You’re my people, I trust you, we gotta trust each other. I have to be able to walk in here, say whatever I need to say, and know it’s gonna stay in this room.

As a reader it’s great to get to know this, but it’s also exactly what Obama NOT intended when he said it.


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