Spacey: ‘House of Cards’ not far from reality

After watching just three episodes of season 2, this show is already a masterpiece! And it’s lifted from a slightly underground/alternative feel to an open and professional vibe, but still with the exceptional dialogue and great visuals. Well done!

Spacey: ‘House of Cards’ not far from reality

Actor Kevin Spacey says his Netflix show “House of Cards” isn’t that far from the reality of politics in Washington.

Look, for me, it’s like performance art,” he said on ABC’s “This Week.” “We can get done shooting on a day and I’ll come home and turn on the news and think: ‘You know, our storylines are not that crazy, they’re really not.'”

With some exceptions, “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos cut in, such as politicians murdering people who get in their way.

“I’ve heard from lots of people,” Spacey said. “Some people feel that 99 percent of the show is accurate, and that the 1 percent that isn’t is that you could never get an education bill passed that quickly.”



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