Ted Cruz Costing Republicans Votes

So let’s see how this proceeds.. a Koch funded loner messing up.. answering to no one except his donors.. but perhaps adding long term pressure to scaling back Citizen United and private money influence.. even from the right that suffers most directly at the moment.. one could hope..


Dana Milbank reports that some Republicans, inclined to vote against raising the debt ceiling, changed their votes to side with Democrats because of Cruz.

…15 minutes after the voting should have ended, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell had apparently secured only two of the five Republican votes he needed to join all 55 members of the Democratic caucus to pass the measure. He raised three fingers in the air and worked his way among his members but was met with folded arms and shakes of the head…

Watching the chaos from the side of the chamber was the man who caused it: Cruz, his hands in his pants pockets and a satisfied grin on his face. The Texas Republican strolled to the clerk’s table to check on the vote count and was met with a look of disgust from Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.). And the feeling was widespread: Moments after Cruz walked into the Republican cloakroom, four senators emerged from it and changed their votes to “aye.”…

Cruz’s ego trip had come at a high cost. He had forced McConnell, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas and other Republicans to cast votes that could cause them to lose primaries to weaker general-election candidates, and he had risked getting his party blamed for a default.

Ted Cruz Costing Republicans Votes


20 thoughts on “Ted Cruz Costing Republicans Votes

    • Yes indeed. But I do think the Koch’s are overplaying their hand with Cruz. They create havoc but gain nothing. And create new generations of democratic leaning people. They are good at business but incompetent at politics.

    • That’s a good question… how strong is it…
      I’m often opposing the use of the word “base” as used in the media… as in reality it’s the fringe of the party.. and they do not win presidential primaries..
      “base” implies a majority.. which they have not..
      But they do make noise.. as fringe movements do…

    • Yes! Which means that you don’t run to the “base”, you run to the “fringe”, THEN you go back to your wide “base” of moderates and win.

      I just need to correct the misuse of “base” because it implies more legitimacy to the fringe than what is accurate. And it plays to the extremist’s advantage.

  1. So this guy makes his fellow Republicans run away in disgust…and yet the Tea Party somehow thinks he’s a viable presidential candidate? How, exactly, do they envision him swaying moderates…? *shaking my head*

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