Kerry Warns Russia of Possible Eviction From G-8 –

Good.. direct, concrete and fast.. squarely on the diplomatic, economic and international means of confrontation..

WASHINGTON — Secretary of State John Kerry warned on Sunday that Russia risked eviction from the Group of 8 industrialized nations if the Kremlin did not reverse its military occupation of Crimea in Ukraine.

“He is not going to have a Sochi G-8,” Mr. Kerry said on the NBC program “Meet the Press,” referring to the meeting of the industrialized nations that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia is to host in June. “He may not even remain in the G-8 if this continues.”

“He may find himself with asset freezes on Russian business,” Mr. Kerry added. “American business may pull back. There may be a further tumble of the ruble. There’s a huge price to pay.”


35 thoughts on “Kerry Warns Russia of Possible Eviction From G-8 –

  1. Ah, they have plenty of time to get this in hand….They G-8 meeting isn’t until June….
    Meanwhile Russia has co-opted Crimea….

    Obama and the West are now looking to see if this is ALL Putin takes to show he CAN flex…..

    The Ukraine is looking Westward EVEN harder now…..

    But I’d think there is only so far the EU will protest…..

    Russia is NOW one of the largest energy exporters over there……

    Ya gotta be careful they don’t turn the spigot off for a few days and screw up prices and some economies……..

    Look for the Ukrainians to possibly engage in some guerrilla war type stuff….
    Asymmetrical war fair its called these days…..

    • Yeah this is strange… as you already commented on the dog.. he is losing in every way..
      Merkel is questioning whether he has lost “touch with reality”..
      Ukraine for sure pushed closer to Europe…
      Even Russias allies must question this behavior..

      And the timing with Sochi Olympics makes it seem even more weird… pointing more towards that the outing of the allied President Yanukovych was a huge surprise and loss of face.. and now it’s all impulse and emotional…

    • Yep.. Europe is different.. the world is different…and maybe the younger generations of russians are different too…
      Putin is losing more face by this nonsense……

      • He is….

        But in the end I think he keeps the Crimes….
        As long as Russia is pumping oil he’s not gonna get hurt too bad….
        Europe NEEDS his oil and gas….
        That’s his trump card…
        NOT the troops….

        • True..
          And it seems like he really botched this…
          This seems misplaced and impulsive..
          At a high price maybe domestically too..

  2. Sloppy?
    Yea Botched?

    Look at ALL the running around on this….
    Russia NOW will have Crimea vote to back up his land grab….
    Obama just told him don’t do it….
    But REALLY?
    What can he do?
    The EU NEEDS Russia….
    Putin knows this and so does Obama…..

    ALL this is about is not having Putin do it again…
    But now he has process to do it in other places…
    And THAT’s what is scary….

    The Ukraine is BROKE….
    They’ll take the money from the West and forget about Crimea

    • I’m also pondering whether one should be worried about further Russian expansions into the Baltic and so on.. the whole “Eurasian Union” project of Putin (even if claimed to be only an economic union to counter the EU), but I think it’s mission impossible for Putin.. this one is lost from the outset..

    • If Ukraine is the “crown jewel”, he’s really making a huge mess out of the whole thing. How can you build a union like that..
      But it explains the extra loss of face for him.. if the crown jewel chooses Europe and not Russia.
      But who can blame them (Ukraine)? Russia needs to build a better economy and be a better alternative, and they’re doing the opposite..

      • Lets remember also……

        The Ukraine is FLAT BROKE!

        The Russian’s access to the Black Sea is thru Crimea ( Russian Naval Base/Military Airport)….

        And AGAIN…

        Russian Energy exports….

        Please read this over and over….And OVER….

        Russian doesn’t even want TALK to Obama about it….

        The Europeans are NOT gonna push this but so hard….

        And Putin could give two shits about the Western Media on this it seems….

        The CRIMEA is GONE from the Ukraine….
        And they better watch the other countries….

        • Excellent points..
          Maybe this is better for Russia in the long term.. if it could lead to a change of leadership..
          And maybe the rich and the business community in Russian could be a savior in this? There is some irony to how the growth of a commercial sector and private merchant’s wealth vastly helped removing the tyrants in Europe.. centuries ago..

  3. I think Putin is very much in touch with reality, it’s just a different reality than the one we’ve grown used to in the West…in this reality, only force counts. Putin knows nobody really wants to get involved in more military conflict, and as far as loss of face, I don’t think he cares. The majority of the Russian population appears to be behind him–to them, it was losing the Baltic republics that amounted to “loss of face”–now they want to show the rest of the world that they are strong again and a force to be scared of. So I think Putin will continue his gradual nibbling at the ex-Soviet republics, for as long as he can get away with it without outright war. Being that I’m Polish and have family over there, not a situation I’m pleased with 😦

    • Sorry the hear that.. and I understand very well the worries.
      As they just moved into mainland Ukraine (or “outside the Crimean borders” as the news put it) – it’s not very uplifting stuff.
      But for some reason I still think it’s a lost cause for Putin, I don’t see it as WWIII scenario,
      and I think it’s just a waste of time and a huge step backwards for Russia. And I thought Putin was more skilled than this.
      The times when Russia could force its neighbors into a union is gone I think..

      On the other hand he’s uniting Europe and strengthening the EU..
      But once again.. the whole thing is sad and backwards.. and unnecessary.. and hopeless..

      • Oh, I’m not saying it’ll go so far as WWIII. I still think Putin may get what he wants out of it–more territory with extra energy resources.

        To give a bit of an idea of the mentality in Russia today, I read an interview with a minister in the Russian gov’t in a Polish newspaper, and when he was told Russia may end up isolated from the international community over this, his response was “Good. We want to be isolated. That way you won’t meddle with what we’re doing.”

        • Wow.
          But in some ways it fits into this kind of “ideological” thinking that some Russian acquaintances accuse their own Russian culture of doing too much.
          It might sound like a good idea if you chop of all kinds of context and practical implications..
          I’m just hoping the younger generations are shaped by different times and will put an end to this line of thinking and politics.

          • I certainly hope so too! Europe really seems to be making progress with the European Union concept, after centuries of countries warring with each other, and I’m hoping we won’t start moving backwards again!

        • Putin DOESN’T Need to talk….

          The Europeans need oil and their Economies…..

          Obama has little if any leverage here….
          Don’t agree?
          What has Obama done in the last few weeks?
          What have the Europeans?

          • I think Russia needs good relations to Europe and other parts of the world in a 20-30 year perspective..
            Again it’s driving the country backwards..

            • The West will continue to talk to Russia after this calms down….
              They have Nukes…
              They ARE 40% of Europe’s economy….

              There is NO Choice…..

              The trick is to limit this to the Crimea….

            • There is a problem of precedence here though.. with the tactics of “protecting” a territory with many Russians and then launch a staged referendum.. there are a lot of Russians in the Baltic.. but there’s a very different history there I think…

            • I’m also reminded of the “Salami tactics” in “Yes, Prime Minister” – in regards to when you bush the button on nuclear war. The concept of “slice by slice” is relevant in the coming months with Putin’s agenda… on a much less dramatic scale of course..


  4. He, he, he…..

    I see that…..

    Putin is asking for a time out…..

    The travel sanction’s are no problem but it seems the economic stuff IS kicking in….

    And there is a report that Russian military forces are strong ALL along the Ukraine border with Russia….


    • Good!
      I’m not sure whether this (Belarus) is indicating a good or bad thing though.. meaning it shows the non-workability of Putin’s strategies, but it also shows that he’s doing things in spite of their “non-workability”.. which is sort of worse..

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