Group of 8 Leaders Agree to Exclude Putin –

This reaction came relatively swift.. and carry strong symbolics…and might be a strong signal to the Russian people as well…. that there are costs to Putin’s expansionism… bringing the country backwards…. completely unnecessary…

THE HAGUE — President Obama and the leaders of the biggest Western economies agreed on Monday to exclude President Vladimir V. Putin from the Group of 8, suspending his government’s 15-year participation in the diplomatic forum and further isolating his country.

In a joint statement after a two-hour, closed-door meeting of the four largest economies in Europe, along with Japan and Canada, the leaders of the seven nations announced that a summit meeting planned for Sochi, Russia, in June will now be held in Brussels — without Russia’s participation.

“This group came together because of shared beliefs and shared responsibilities. Russia’s actions in recent weeks are not consistent with them,” the statement said. “Under these circumstances, we will not participate in the planned Sochi Summit. We will suspend our participation in the G-8 until Russia changes course.”


4 thoughts on “Group of 8 Leaders Agree to Exclude Putin –

    • Maybe the lead-from-behind philosophy is even more appropriate in this case.. Europe needs a challenge to unite..
      And the framing of “Russia as regional power” is a pretty clear message to Europe..

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