As Kiev looks West, Putin turns east to build Eurasian dream | Reuters

If there is no hidden joker on Russia’s part in this game.. Putin has done everything wrong leading up his grand project.. set to launch January 2015… of a “Eurasian Union”…
Only two countries had signed up.. one is stepping away.. the other one worried about sovereignty…

The rest of the former Soviet states are more reluctant then ever and some drawn more to the West than before..

This is sad… another ten years with Putin could set the country way back…

(Reuters) – With his biggest prize escaping his grasp in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin is likely to turn to the autocrats of Central Asia, particularly Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev, to further his aim of erecting a Eurasian Union of former Soviet states.

The Russian president’s swift annexation of Crimea has earned him huge popularity at home but ends his dream for now of bringing the rest of Ukraine voluntarily into the new structure he plans to build on as much as possible of the ex-Soviet space.

“Having lost Ukraine, Central Asia will be much more sought after by Moscow in striking its integration plans,” said Lilit Gevorgyan, an analyst at IHS Global Insight.

Kazakhstan in particular was one of two ex-Soviet countries, along with Belarus, to join a customs union with Russia.
Members plan to sign documents this year to form the Eurasian Economic Union, a regional bloc within former Soviet borders intended eventually as a counterweight to the EU.


4 thoughts on “As Kiev looks West, Putin turns east to build Eurasian dream | Reuters

  1. Wonder if Putin thinks he can try to build his “union” through force and invasion. He has to know that kind of arrangement will be highly volatile and cannot last in the long-term, much like the Soviet Union was unable to. I’m afraid that Putin will not only set Russia, but the world back ten years, into another Cold War type situation.

    • Yep it’s hard to understand his thinking.. if there really is one.
      He has to make Russia more attractive than the EU, and he’s doing the opposite..

  2. Putin will Not turn back the World…
    it’s the 21st century…..
    We’re moving forward….
    Even if Putin wants his own thing….

    There may be a couple more countries that want to join him….
    But the Soviet Union is gone and ain’t coming back….

    Cold War?
    Not if the Europeans want to continue to have their energy life line with Russia and want to keep their economies from crashing if they stop trading with Putin also….
    In the end?
    Putin keeps the Crimea…
    The Ukraine learns how to run an economy…
    And the EU picks up the Ukraine….

    No shots so far fired in anger…..

    • I’d say this is 10% good and 90% bad for Russia… and I’m still disappointed in Putin! I thought he was a skilled statesman and rational behind the theatrics..

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