For Russia, Negatives Seem to Outweigh Positives of an Invasion

This might be a calming perspective.. that Putin’s objectives are not directly expansionism but to create enough troubles and tensions in Ukraine to make EU and NATO take a step back from inclusion….

But still…. this has a massive cost to Russia’s economy and diplomacy….

“Military intervention from Putin’s point of view is Plan B,”
Mark Galeotti, a New York University professor and expert on Russia’s security forces currently doing research here, said recently. “It is not off the table, but it is not the ideal outcome.”

Mr. Putin would rather feed the insurrection from afar, analysts said, never quite allowing the calm that would give Ukraine the opening needed to join the European Union, or worse, NATO. It is a tactic Russia has used successfully in previous attempts by former Soviet republics to shift westward.


10 thoughts on “For Russia, Negatives Seem to Outweigh Positives of an Invasion

  1. Interesting. This may very well be true. I know that the Russian media is feeding rumors about Poland as well, suggesting that if Ukraine joins the EU, the Polish will want to take western Ukraine for themselves (hahaha). It’s all a way of trying to discourage Ukraine from working with the West.

    If this were the case, I’d be much happier. I hope Putin knows better than to start a large military conflict.

  2. Me?
    I think Putin is well along his way to splitting the Ukraine inn two…
    With his ‘special operators’ fermenting unrest across the East Ukraine and him looking down the barrel of MANY guns at the Ukraine, Europe and Obama….

    In the end I disagree friend…
    I believe that Putin WILL gain control of MORE of the Ukraine…
    No direct invasion…
    But a vote from other sections of the Ukraine to join the Crimea, BACK in the Russian embrace….

    Do NOT for get…
    The West will have to bail out the Ukraine which is an economic mess
    Then there is the Economic part…

    Which just got of a economic recession trades HEAVILY with Russia, Right
    And the oil pipelines (Several)

    Putin knows exactly what he wants…

    And so far?

    He’s getting what he wants and Obama and has NOT yelled ‘CHARGE’ because Americans and for the matter, Most Europeans couldn’t give a tinkers damn about this….

    • I’m not sure what or who you’re disagreeing with…

      I think he blew it.. acted on impulse.. and is now scrambling..
      And I think the mounting economic, diplomatic and international cost is hurting Russia a lot short and long term.

  3. Except that everyday we see MORE protestors taking over MORE building across the East Ukraine….

    The only thing that would stop Putin is a vote across the country that SUPPORTS keeping the PRESENT borders on the Ukraine…..

    If Putin’s hands in the place right now results in a vote that splits the country?
    He will have done his dirty work with little or NO firepower….

    PSYCH Ops….

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